Toko Buku Liong (Liong Bookstore) is a collaborative art project by curator Adelina Luft (Romania/Indonesia) and artist Daniel Lie (Brazil/Indonesia), web-hosted by Cemeti Institute for Art and Society.

The project is a joint effort to recollect the biographical fragments of the Lie family and the comics they produced and published at Toko Buku Liong in the 1950s by creating an affective archive situated at the intersection with identity politics, power structures, and cultural agency in post-independence Indonesia.

Structured in four sequential volumes presenting artworks, essays, and archival materials, the project proposes an alternative route from mainstream history and hopes to further generate conversations on authorship subjectivities and the role of Indonesian comics in the construction of a cultural identity.

Due to the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, this project was built in an online format as a way to experiment with hybridising forms of visual expression (as an exhibition, publication, and artwork) and to create transnational and multilingual accessibility.

Toko Buku
Web based projects
Rotten TV is an online broadcasting research platform that studies the idea of Rottenness as a condition to which every organic being is bound to, as the intrinsic change of the matter that is crucial for ecological renewal, which is yet extremely marginalized by hegemonic society. The project weaves together wide-ranging notions of rottenness by artists and thinkers from the Indonesian archipelago, South America, and the UK, articulating ideas that expand from and beyond the symbolisms present in rotting.

This phase of the project was made possible through a partnership between Jupiter Artland (Scotland), Cemeti Institute for Arts and Society (Indonesia) and Casa do Povo (Brazil), under the coordination of the artist Daniel Lie and supported by The British Council Digital Collaboration Fund.
Rotten TV