Text by Bernardo Mosqueira for Daniel Lie’s solo show Unnamed Entities, 2022 - NY - USA
Building on legacies of migration and queer studies, Daniel Lie’s work demonstrates how abjection can be a tool of subversion and expansion. Their practice celebrates natural cycles of transformation and the many interdependent exchanges that structure ecosystems. A fundamental aspect of Daniel Lie’s practice is their desire to develop works which de-center human agency and subjectivity.

Working in collaboration with forces they term “other-than-human beings,” such as bacteria, fungi, plants, animals, minerals, spirits, and ancestors, Lie creates site- and time-specific works that can be experienced through multisensory channels. By giving visibility to materials that morph, decay, and evolve, Lie’s ecosystems highlight the intimate yet expansive coexistences among diverse beings, acknowledging our shared and continuous participation in the processes of living, dying, and decomposing.

Daniel is trans-nonbinary and is currently based in Berlin.
Daniel Lie
Daniel Lie is represented by:
Barbara Wien Gallery (Berlin, Germany)

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Galeria Casa Triângulo (São Paulo, Brazil)